I’m Seeing Double

Welcome to a new week!

I left for a retreat this past Thursday, but before leaving, my hubby and I went for an easy 5miler. When we got done, I told him, “I probably wouldn’t have been out here if you weren’t with me.” I had absolutely no desire to go for a run. None. I knew I’d feel like a million bucks at the end, but getting out the door was seemingly impossible. I read somewhere, “Taking the first step is always the hardest.” So true!

But it gets a little easier when you have a buddy. Someone to keep you accountable. That nagging friend who meets you at the gym after work. That annoying dog who wakes you every morning for a walk. That disgustingly persistent co-worker who asks you join her on walks during every break.

And it’s these “annoying” friends for which we are so grateful! For they are the ones who keep us on the healthy track and give us a good kick in the butt when we need it…and gladly reciprocate when necessary!

Today’s challenge: Find a buddy who will help keep you accountable to stick with your health goals. 

Your “buddy” can be a friend, a family member, a journal, an on-line tracking device, or a self-inflicted punishment (ok, probably not the best idea). Your buddy can simply ask you if you’re on track or can join in the exercise with you.

Remember…who’s your buddy??



2 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Double

  1. Karen Baumann says:

    Kristen, Thanks for this wonderful reminder to just do it! I loved the weekend and feel inspired by my daughters and nieces! Hugs!

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