21 or Bust!

I’m trying something new. And I want you to try it as well. If you’re up for it – which I know you are!

There is an old wives tale floating around telling us, “It takes 21 days to form a habit.” I had to think about that one for awhile. How long has it taken me to rely on at least one cup of coffee every morning? Or to wake-up at 7am (don’t judge me – I know that’s sleeping in for most of you!!) regardless of setting an alarm or not? Or to crave something sweet after about 8pm?

The result I concluded: Much longer than 21 days! Maybe a year or several years!

However, I also know from experience that to change or establish a habit requires a starting point with a stated time of commitment. For example, if you want to start eating breakfast in the mornings, you need to:

1. Establish a start date as soon as possible, and

2. Tell yourself (or preferably someone else – ACCOUNTABILITY!!) how long you plan to stick with your habit.

And how long should you stick with your habit? Oh I don’t know, how about 21 DAYS?!?!?!?! Which brings me to today’s challenge.

Today’s Challenge: 21-DAY CHALLENGE!! 1. Pick a healthy habit you’d like to start or change and 2. Do that “habit” for the next 21 days – no excuses!

More likely than not, if you can continue that habit, it will become life-long and part of your daily routine. Much like many of your daily habits are already a part of your life.

So, you heard it hear first: I have been REALLY slacking on running/exercising lately. So, my healthy habit is going to be that I will go for a run or do some sort of exercise for the next 21 days straight. I’m going to get tired and cranky and want to make excuses. And yes, rest is important for the body in order to repair torn muscles and maintain a healthy immune system. With that being said, a ‘rest’ can be a walk or a slow jog, which still incorporates some degree of exercise while giving the body a chance to recuperate.

So, What will you change or add for your 21-Day Challenge? Drink more water? Incorporate more exercise? Eat more servings of fruits and veggies? No dessert? Get more sleep?

Starting today, I will change/add                          every day until July 31!



2 thoughts on “21 or Bust!

  1. Tonie says:

    I have two,

    1.) I will do my roommates 20 min turbo Jam workout everyday
    2.) start or end my day with my bible.

    (the reason bible reading isnt first on the list first is due to the age old sayin “first the worst second the best”…. or I just happened to type is second… you decide)

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