Crash and Burn or Victory Dance?

Yesterday ended the 21-Day Challenge I proposed a few weeks ago. How’d you do? Did you meet your goals? Did you fall short? Did you establish any healthy habits? What did you learn about yourself?

Ok, true confessions. I did not meet my goal of doing some sort of exercise each day. I missed 5 days. However, I did meet my goals on 16 of those days and I did compensate by running a couple 10-milers. And now I feel motivated and encouraged to continue my long-term goal of doing some sort of physical activity daily.

Through this experience, I was reminded of the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are essential to establish a sense of accomplishment and motivation to achieve long-term goals. And by short-term, I mean weekly or even daily goals. Make them easy. Make them simple. Make them achievable.

Today’s Challenge: Take 5 minutes to set 3 goals for this week – ONLY 3!!! Then, next week, adjust as necessary. If you accomplished your goals, make new ones. If you didn’t, chill out and set them again for the next week. Eventually you WILL meet your long-term goals.

And remember: Always focus on what you DID accomplish, rather than what you DIDN’T. Stay positive to stay motivated!!! Good luck 🙂



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