Shocking Discovery…Real Food!

Golden Raspberries. Ground Tomatoes. Yak Jerky. Oh my!!

This past weekend my husband (bless his soul) joined me for an adventure at the Portland Farmers Market. Since we moved down to Portland, I’ve been hearing about the expansive and beautiful Market; however, being gone almost every weekend during the summer has pretty much voided any opportunity of visiting  this Saturday extravaganza. However, this past Saturday we seized the day!

I was slightly overwhelmed. One, with all the beautiful fruits and vegetables. Two, with the abundance of LOCAL food. And three, with the array of never-before-seen or slightly odd food items. I will admit, I was also impressed by the number of people flocking to downtown Portland to spend their hard-earned cash on food grown within the state. For those of you living in a dark hole, this is the seemingly contagious trend around the entire country, let alone Portland, Oregon. Grow your own and/or buy local.

Ok, truth moment: I eat non-organic, hormone-filled, raised in another country food. Oh the horror! Yes, it’s true. But, do I eat healthy? Yes. Do I try to buy foods locally and as natural as possible? Yes. Do I consume fruits and veggies and lean meats whenever possible? Yes. Do I have a $600 dollar food budget per week? No. Hence the Foster Farms chicken and the Mexican avocados. Sorry. I’m realistic, not perfect. I do my best with the resources I have.

HOWEVER…having experienced the abundance of fresh and natural food at the market and stumbling upon Lisa Leake’s, “100 Days of Real Food,” I’ve recently embarked on a new challenge, which I’d like you to consider. But first, what is 100 Days of Real Food? It’s a movement, an idea, a challenge to buy and eat only natural, real food. This includes: fruits and veggies,whole grain products, whole foods, natural sweetners such as honey and maple syrup and 100% juice concentrates, dairy products, seafood, locally grown meat, tea, coffee, and 100% fruit juice. Everything else is out, including: fast food, artificial sweetners, anything with refined sugar or grain, or fried foods.

So with that, your challenge, should you chose to accept it, Is to take either take the 10-day, 100-day or just simply focus on removing the processed foods from your diet. Focus on the whole! (You can sign up for the challenge at

Should you chose to venture down this path, I must first-hand warn you of some side affects:

– Increased energy, decreased bloating, decreased digestive issues, clearer skin, decreased headaches, decreased stomach aches, increased longevity, disease prevention, silkier hair, and an overall attitude of, “I can conquer the world!”

So…what’s stopping you from cleaning out your cupboards and refrigerator and stocking up good old fashioned real  food??


What do you think?

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