Work a Little, Gain a lot!!

A lot can happen in six weeks. Start a new job; eliminate gluten and dairy; win the Boston Marathon. Hey, a girl can dream, right?! But one thing that didn’t take place was a new blog entry. My apologies, y’all. Time to pick it up a notch.

So we’ve entered that time of the year when a glimpse of the sun is a rarity and a privileged treasure.  It’s dark in the morning when I leave for work, it’s dark in the evening when I get home. It’s cold. It’s damp. It’s icy and snowy (well, maybe not in Portland!). Ahhhh the good ol’ Pacific Northwest. All this downer weather can make it harder and depressing to find the energy and gumption to hit the gym and get moving on the roads. However, with the increase of sugar-laden goodies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, your waistband will appreciate time spent gettin’ on your sweet. To sweeten the deal, a moderate amount of exercise may be attributed to a decreased appetite. Check out this article I received from the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

Ok, so you don’t have a gym and, let’s be honest, you’re not going to run outside in five feet of snow. Have no fear, these tips will help you maintain your exercise level through the cold winter months:

1. Take a hike around the nearest indoor mall. You can even kill two birds with one stone by shopping while you walk.

2. Talk to the PE teacher at your local high school about a morning open gym. Often times, the gym and the weight room are open for students and staff.

3. Go snowshoeing, snowboarding, downhill skiing or xc skiing. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoors while building up a sweet and your leg muscles.

4. Turn your home into a workout room. You can rent an at-home videos from your local library, use your own body weight or purchase cheap, simple dumbbells or strength bands at your local Wal-Mart.

5. Keep an eye on local health club specials. The holiday season will often act as a platform for reduced, month-to-month rates.

So no more excuses this holiday season. I challenge you to increase your exercise, decrease your sugar consumption and create a few healthy family traditions this year!!

One thought on “Work a Little, Gain a lot!!

  1. Patti Bryant says:

    Great thoughts Kristen…thanks for taking away all my excuses for not exercising! 🙂 Actually, as always, you inspired and motivated me. I even took advantage of a beautiful sunny morning last week and went out on a run. Felt so good to exercise outside!! But I’m also incorporating my tread-climber, Bowflex and P90X videos on those nasty, rainy days. Thanks for the additional options to break a sweat!

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