State of the Herron Address

Hey ya’ll!

So…I truly wish I could have some exciting news to share as a result of the past year and a half of silence. Maybe something like, I made a baby. Or, I trained for an Ironman. Or, we moved to Turkey and now fill our bellies with Turkish Delight each day. Ah, if only…

Sadly, I have no legitimate reason for the past year and a half of electronic silence. I can only say that I am excited to jump start this blog and start answering your questions and motivating you towards a healthier life. Lord knows I’m in desperate need of a jump start myself, so I will be practicing what I preach.

In the spirit of a tradition started by the encouragement of my Aunt, my Adventure List has now been updated with 28 new adventures. I’d like to try my hand at Crossfit, the Paleo diet, and kombucha. It’s a fun way to try new things, dream big and motivate yourself toward goals!

This week, my challenge to you: Create your own adventure list with as many items as you are old!

Short and sweet, more to come later. Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for more health, fitness and nutrition tips coming your way soon!!